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Products on this website

Firstly, welcome to our new website. We have not been launched very long but have already had some great feedback and we have posted out some lovely orders already helping people buy from their own sofa. Not all our stock is on here yet but we have managed to put all our harnesses, booms, SUP boards, windsurf boards, kite boards, kites and lots more.

We know we still have to populate this website with Kayaks and much Palm paddling equipment which we of course have in store it just takes time to put it all online but it will keep us busy during the winter!

We have started to put windsurfing sails on but this is a huge area for us so in the meantime you will need to look at the list we have. Click on ‘All Sails’ in the mega menu.

If you have any questions you can still call us or email in or video skype us!

And for your entertainment, here is a pic of the Gosport store being extended back in 2012!

Gosport AndyBiggs STore under construction in 2012

Gosport AndyBiggs STore under construction in 2012

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