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What is so good about Wing Foiling?

So, you are thinking about starting to Wing Foil this year? Or you already have started and wonder why others love it so much!? Here's my thinking on the subject: The kit is small and fits in a car easily One wing has a huge wind range as much as 20knts The wings are super light and these days create nice power easily Makes kind of rubbish conditions really good fun, like the classic south coast 12-15knts! Many wingers including ourselves will happily go out in offshore conditions due to the hydrofoils insane ability to go upwind. Inland lakes and reservoirs become playgrounds as even wind with huge holes in, you can just glide through. Hydrofoils can surf on really small waves and make downwinding...

Kitesurfing for FREE on Hayling Island Seafront

Hayling Island now has 2 areas for landing and launching. One area you have to pay for but the other is a FREE Havant Borough Council / BKSA land and launch zone. There is a Facebook Page for regular updates about the zone but you can simply turn up at any tide and kite from there at your own risk. You should have your own insurance. There is good a local scene here and a lot of people self launch from the sign posts.  

Board Repairs, Kite & Wing Repairs, Sail Repairs

Windsurf Boards, Surf Board, Kite Boards Hayling Island ‘Lord of the Dings’ – Colin – MC Watersports – Matt – Bracklesham Based – 07884278271 Sail Repairs Sail Style is no longer on Hayling Island but they continue to do alterations, small repairs and laundering of sails based in Portsmouth – Gosport, goto Kemp Sails – Sussex Repairs – – 07706 040768 Kitesurfing Kite & Wing Repairs Sore Kites – These guys are really good. They can even make replacement bladders in house. They are based in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Tel: 07850 858748 Wetsuit Repairs Bodyline Wetsuits – Europe’s leading wetsuit repair centre