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Katie Lee

Name: Katie Lee

Favourite kit: 93L Fanatic Skate & Duotone Super Hero Sails

Local windsurfing spot: West Beach, Hayling Island

Where is the best place you’ve ever windsurfed?
I can’t pick just one. It has to be Bonaire for flat water and then probably Morocco for waves.

What is the best thing about windsurfing?

Everything! Every session on the water is different, there’s always something new to learn and I’ve made some great friends through windsurfing. Also windsurfing has taken me to some of the coolest locations I never would have found otherwise.

What did you do before joining the Andy Biggs Watersports Team?

Before joining the ABW team I spent a few summers teaching windsurfing in Sardinia and then in Lemnos, Greece. Between summer seasons I was coming back to the UK to coach swimming for Alton & District Swimming Club.

Do you do any other sports?

Yes, but they all involve water! Windsurf Foiling, Wing-Foiling, paddleboarding, surfing and swimming.

What’s your next goal?

Vulcans and forward loops.