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All Sails

Updated 10th July 2020 – PLEASE view main web listings for up to date boards in stock!

These are all brand new and IN STOCK ~ Get them whilst stocks last!
G = Gosport H = Hayling Island (* = more than one)


Convert 6.0m Red H

2017 Gator 5.3m Blue/Red G
2017 Blade 4.2m Red/ Orange G
2017 Blade 5.5m Red/ Blue H
2018 Blade 5.3m Red/Blue G
2018 Blade 5.3m Blue/Red H
2018 NCX 6.0m Red/White H
2018 NCX 6.5m Red/Orange G
2018 NCX 6.5m Red/Orange H
2018 NCX 7.0m Red/Orange H

2019 Blade 5.3m Orange/Blue G
2019 Blade 5.7m Orange/Purple GG H
2019 Gator 7.0m Purple/Orange G
2019 Gator 6.0m Purple/Orange G
2019 Gator 6.0m Orange/Purple H

2020 NCX 8.0m Blue/Blue G
2020 Gator 7.5m Blue H
2020 Foil Glide Red 6.0m GG
2020 FOil Glide Red 7.0m G


2019 Force 5.7m Red/White G
2020 Force 4 4.1m Orange/Teal H
2020 Force 4 4.7m Teal/Orange G
2020 Force 4 4.7m Orange/Teal G
2020 Force 4 5.3m Orange/Teal G


2018 Cheetah 7.0m Red G
2018 Cheetah 7.5m Blue/Yellow G H
2018 Cheetah 7.5m Red G
2019 Cheetah 7.0 Blue/Red H
2019 Cheetah 7.5 Blue/Yellow H
2020 Cheetah 6.5m Orange G H
2020 Cheetah 8.5m Yellow H

2019 Elite 4.7m Red H

2019 Zeta 3.7m Blue/Red H
2019 Zeta 4.0m Red/Yellow H
2019 Zeta 5.0m Yellow/Red H
2019 Zeta 5.5m Yellow/Red H
2019 Zeta 5.0m Blue G
2019 Zeta 5.0m Blue G
2019 Zeta 5.8m Blue/Red/White H

2020 Zeta 4.2m Blue H
2020 Zeta 4.7m Blue H
2020 Zeta 5.2m Blue H

2020 Wave 4.7m Blue H
2020 Wave 5.8m Blue H
2020 Wave 4.2m Blue H

Legacy 3.7m G H
Legacy 4.2m G H
Legacy 4.7m GGGG H
Legacy 5.2m
Legacy 5.5m GG
Legacy 5.8m G H
Legacy 6.5m
Legacy 7.5m G

Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde 4.7 X wave H
Neil Pryde 5.7 X move H


2020 Super Session 4.5m Blue/Black H
2020 Super Session 4.7m Blue/Black H
2020 Super Session 5.0m Blue/Black H
2020 Super Session 5.3m Blue/Black G
2020 Super Session 5.6m Blue/Black H
2020 Super Session 5.9m Blue/Black H

2020 Super Session HD 5.3m White H

2020 E Pace 6.2m Black/White H
2020 E Pace 5.8m Blue/’Black H
2020 E Pace 7.3m Blue/’Black H