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2021 Duotone E-Pace HD Windsurfing Sail – Blue/ Off White 6.2m

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3 in 1 Design – For an unprecedented trim range and an extremely wide wind range
Hollow Lower Leech – Enables to reduce the bottom length without loosing low end power
VTS 2.0 – Optional quick rigging pack allows “to the spot” trimming without even looking to the top (patent pending)
Minimum mast concept – Two masts cover all sail sizes
IRocket 2.0 – Factory calibrated individual batten tensions using a torque wrench
Super-Light bumper – the lightest protecter on the market, with integrated trim indicator


  • Most work went into sizes 7.3m & 7.8m
  • On 7.8 the number of battens got reduced from 7 to 6 to improve early planing power without sacrificing stability
  • Luff curve got optimised for increased control in high winds