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  • Starboard Kode Freewave Technora 2016 Windsurfing Board
  • Starboard Kode Freewave Technora 2016 Windsurfing Board 2

Starboard Kode Freewave Technora 2016 Windsurfing Board 94ltr

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  • New Rocker: Everything is built around a fast rocker with a low nose angle to reduce drag, maximize control and top speed. A flat section between the mast track and front footstrap promotes early planing and just the right amount of tail-kick makes for responsive waveriding.
  • New Bottom Shape: “Accelerating Vee” combined with a new double concave bottom provides responsiveness with added grip and quick reactivity, added control and comfort, without compromises on top speed and in all sea conditions. Accelerating Flat Vee in the tail helps quick rail-to-rail transitions off the back foot.
  • New Outline: Moderately wide outline provides stability in subplaning conditions. New narrower nose on the bigger models helps to initiate the turns and create even less aerodynamic drag. Plenty of volume in the tail provides buoyancy and speed out of the jibe.
  • New Rails: Relatively thin and sharp rails enhance grip and control in the turns while providing drive. Slightly thick in the tail adds forgiveness while a sharp edge gives planing release. Extra soft in the nose for smoother, fuller grip during fully committed rail carves.
  • New Fins: Thruster setup for all Kode FreeWaves further boosts waveriding ability with improved responsiveness, grip and control without sacrificing speed. Each Kode size is tested and tuned for the perfect fin combination: for speed, traction, control, upwind power and grip.
  • The Kode FreeWave is the one-board-quiver solution sitting between the specialized wave boards and the pure freeride and freestyle boards. The smaller models 81, 86 are slightly more wave-orientated, focusing on maneuverability and grip. Although they remain wave-orientated, the bigger models have slightly more emphasis on bump & jump freeriding with extra speed and control.
  • Windsurfing Jahrbuch described the board as early planing with powerful acceleration. They said it’s fast, very fast; an easy board for pure freeriders, not sticking at all to the water and jumping easily. The easiness of planing and the high top speed allow riders to look for ramps to jump. Whether you’re doing chop hops on flat water or a loops in waves, the Kode FreeWave does it all.
  • The Kode FreeWaves have won Tester’s Choice for two years running in WIND magazine. Windsurf magazine described it as an inspiring, fantastically tunable platform all about speed.