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Starboard Futura Wood 2015 Windsurfing Board 124ltr last one!

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Starboard Futura Wood 2015 Windsurfing Board 

Tuning Tip:

To make the most out of the Futuras, we strongly recommend each Futura to be used with three fins: one for larger sails, one for medium-sized sails and one for maxed-out conditions. The supplied fin is the ideal middle fin, so the other two fins should be 2-3 cm larger and smaller than the supplied fin. Tapping into this extra wide wind range will be a revelation for its owner since most windsurfers don’t realize just how wide the wind range can be thanks to this little tuning tip.

With its deep deck concave, we also recommend the rider’s boom to be placed 2cm higher than usual.

Key Features:

  •  NEW! Even thinner profiles and wider widths
  •  Very deep-deck concaves improve control and lower the board’s CG further
  • Multiple insert positions include inboard and outboard options and allow the Futuras to be tuned for accessibility or maximum performance
  •  3 x WIND Magazine (France) Testers’ Choice
  • Short wide noses improve aerodynamic efficiency, reduces swing weight
  • Cut-away shapes designed to release more top end speed