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  • 2022 Red Paddle Co 10’7″ x 33″ Windsurf – Inflatable SUP Package
  • 2022 Red Paddle Co 10’7″ x 33″ Windsurf – Inflatable SUP Package
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2022 Red Paddle Co 10’7″ x 33″ Windsurf – Inflatable SUP Package

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From: £1,199.00


The 10’7 Windsurf is a windsurfing board that you can paddle, ensuring that you experience an authentic windsurfing experience but with the added benefit of inflatable versatility.

All the technical elements of a windsurf board combined with the benefits of an inflatable SUP make the 10’7 Windsurf a revelation! Thanks to the specifically designed Sure-Fin dagger board system, which slots through the centre of the board, provides unrivalled stability, increased tracking and more lateral control.

The deck pad has been thoughtfully designed to help aid in teaching windsurfing, assisting the rider to know where to stand as well as featuring a diamond cut, Red embossed finish to seal the deck pad and offer ultimate grip and feel.

This is a board with all the practical benefits of an inflatable SUP that’s also designed specifically with beginner windsurfers in mind, but can make a great coastal cruiser for more experienced riders. To get the best out of your 10’7″ Windsurf, partner it with one of our Ride Rigs, which deliver quality, performance and simplicity.


Introducing a total redesign of our all terrain backpack that offers a bagless carry system. This skeleton system means you can access more remote waterways without the need for a bulky bag and just take the straps and your pump. When using the bag, large all terrain wheels make handling rugged terrain a breeze and considered anthropometric design is able to be fully customised to your height so you can take maximum care of your body while under load. Large exterior pockets can fit any quick to grab essentials and velcro interior pocket means your paddle blade is safe and secure. The interior material has a stylish Red repeater pattern and its water resistance will minimise any intrusive damp. Additional internal storage for small items and keeping your service kit on hand.

This package includes:

  • Red Paddle Co 10’7″ x 33″ Inflatable Board with a 5 year warranty!
  • Red Paddle Co 3 Piece Hybrid Tough Paddle (or upgrade to the Prime paddle for £100)
  • Red Paddle Co Titan II Pump
  • Red Paddle Co Leash
  • Red Paddle Co Waterproof Phone Case
  • 5 Year Warranty

Board Specifications

  • Length: 10’7″
  • Width: 33″
  • Thickness: 4.7″
  • Volume: 296 Litres
  • Weight: 9.7kg
  • Windsurfable? Yes