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  • 2020 Naish Starship Freeride Windsurfing Board
  • 2020 Naish Starship Freeride Windsurfing Board

2020 Naish Starship Windsurfing Board 95ltr

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Who is it for?
The Starship is for windsurfers looking for a fast board that planes early and can still make turns.

What’s it do?
These boards deliver blistering speed potential, plane early and jibe on demand.

Why is it unique?
Whether its cranking duck jibes and 360s with inside strap positions, or sailing slalom-style with outboard positions, the master of versatility does it all.

What’s new?
Its brand new shape, new foot strap setups and the wider tail make the Starship more accessible to a broader range of riding styles and larger sails.

The enhanced 2020 Starships show a huge improvement on all levels, while keeping the character and values that have made these boards a perennial favorite. The shape has been totally redesigned with a compact outline and a wide nose. This maintains riding stability while creating a sporty, compact board that is easy to control with a modern feel.

The tail section is reshaped and wider with implemented cutouts. This refined tail surface area delivers greater top end speed and allows stance position to move further out, enhancing recommended range to fit larger sails. Fin size across the line has also been increased to accommodate larger sail sizes.

Four and three footstrap setups grant riders the flexibility to tune the Starship for better maneuverability, with the inside settings, or outside for better freerace performance.

View the board specs HERE.


  • Flat, Fast Rocker = Early planing + balanced ride
  • Full Rails with Tucked Under Edge = Stability + water release for early planing
  • Tail Cut Outs = Decreased surface area for higher top speed
  • Bat Tail = Tighter turns + increased top speed
  • Medium Density Footpads = Comfortable ride + excellent board feel
  • Wide Point Carried Forward = Stability through jibes + effortless control
  • Single Concave to Double Concave V to V Bottom = Early planing + smooth ride + easy to jibe
  • MFC Freemove Fin = Early planing + upwind performance + easy jibing
  • Power Box = Ultra strong + perfect fin position

2020 Naish Starship Specifications

Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
85 L 223 cm 57.5 cm Up to 6.4 Powerbox MFC Freemove 32 cm
95 L 231 cm 60 cm Up to 7.0 Powerbox MFC Freemove 34 cm
105 L 236 cm 63 cm Up to 7.4 Powerbox MFC Freemove 36 cm
115 L 240 cm 66 cm Up to 7.8 Powerbox MFC Freemove 38 cm