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2018 JP Freestyle Wave Wood Edition Windsurfing Board (94 & 103 Litres)

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Most evident is the new outline of this shorter and more compact shape which improves the direct feel because of the reduced swing weight of the smaller nose.
The outline is more parallel in the mid-section creating additional surface area for better planing and more stability.
The tail width only got marginally wider to maintain the excellent control on fast runs over troubled water.
The “shorty” is more agile, quicker to respond and it also carves better in small waves without getting stuck.

The bottom features a newly developed Vee flow combined with concaves. The double concave Vee in the nose takes care of the comfort. It then transforms into a flat Vee under the straps which makes the board ride high and fly smoothly over chop.
The Vee steadily increases towards the tail which creates more rocker in the rails. When carving the rocker of the curvy rail line delivers outstanding maneuverability.
Due to the grip provided, you can carve as radical as you dare.

The domed deck grants a comfortable stance for all footstrap positions. The deck shape also offers perfect board control mixed with readiness to respond.

They might look somewhat radical and very different but they are simply the best Freestyle Waves we have ever made. They haven’t lost anything you used to find in the former Freestyle Wave boards but they offer so much more fun and performance without being difficult to ride.
From flatwater blasting, to freestyling and waveriding – they cover it all.

All those owners of former Freestyle Wave generations and many more will simply need one. Go and get one – you won’t regret it – GUARANTEED!FWS = FULL WOOD SANDWICH Technology (single fin)

The FWS boards come with one Powerbox and a 2cm longer single fin than the PRO models and they are great bump&jump blasters.

2018 JP Freestyle Wave Wood Specifications

Board Volume Length Width Weight Fins Rec. Sail Size
JP FSW 94 94 Litres 230cm 61cm 6.8kg Freestyle Wave 27 Powerbox 4.5m – 6.7m
JP FSW 103 103 Litres 230cm 63cm 6.9kg Freestyle Wave 29 Powerbox 4.7m – 6.9m