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  • Second Hand Ensis Score 6.2m
  • Second Hand Ensis Score 6.2m
  • Second Hand Ensis Score 6.2m
  • Second Hand Ensis Score 6.2m
  • Second Hand Ensis Score 6.2m

Second Hand Ensis Watersports Score Wing V3 6.2m – Orange

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For discoverer to the pro

The SCORE is ultra stable in flight, it is light in the hands and has incredible power and propulsion for starting, going upwind and jumping. Ideal for everyone, from the first discovery to the crazy professional level.

High performance with clear view

The windows are made of an exclusive tempered film, featuring an elasticity as equal as possible to the one of the canopy. The high performance of the ENSIS wing remains unchanged.

Amazing power in little wind

The SCORE provides an incredible low end power, getting you going in barely any wind. The engineered stiffness of the leading edge allows for very direct control, which makes pumping in low wind easy. The wing span is designed to keep the tips away from water.

Amazing control in strong wind

The engineered rigidity of the leading edge and the tensioned canopy give you all the stability and control you need in stormy conditions.

Easy manoeuvres

Direct control, stability, a neutral feeling while depowering – all these characteristics of the SCORE support you in your manoeuvres and make them as easy as possible.

Like a friend by your side

The canopy is tensioned by design, eliminating flutter when depowering. You’ll appreciate the direct response from your input together with the silence when heading downwind letting the the wing simply fly in the wind by your side.

Perfectly placed handles

The wide handles are exactly where they need to be. As a discoverer, you intuitively hold the ENSIS Wing correctly.

Best quality, precise processing

ENSIS wings are built with the highest quality materials precisely processed. This ensures an extremely robust, light, and durable wing.

Small package, easy transport

The SCORE can be folded very small and is easily carried in a practical bag.

Size wind range (rider 80kg, foil 1700cm2)
2.8 m2 20+ kn
3.5 m2 14-40 kn
4.0 m2 12-35 kn
4.5 m2 10-30 kn
5.2 m2 8-25 kn
6.2 m2 7-18 kn