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  • Ergonomic Paddle System EPS SUP Paddleboarding Handle Grip
  • Ergonomic Paddle System EPS SUP Paddleboarding Handle Grip

Ergonomic Paddle System EPS SUP Paddleboarding Handle Grip

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So what’s it actually all about? An introduction to EPS from the UK distributor Jon Popkiss:

Simply put, ProHandle Grip’s product turns almost any standard straight shaft paddle into a crank shaft (or bent shaft) type, to improve your bio mechanical efficiency to not only deliver more power, efficiency and performance, but significantly reduce the risk of R.S.I. type injuries which plague so many sporting activities like SUP, which most of us undertake for fun and fitness!

Crank shafts have been a thing in kayaking for many years, and there are a few knocking about in the SUP world, but there are drawbacks with price, durability, position and what is feasible to actually make, meaning that they remain the preserve of a very few dedicated paddlers, who often own several paddles specifically made for them and very specific uses!

The benefits of the ProHandle Grip might initially at least, seem to be one of cost saving (i.e. you don’t need to buy several paddles both crank and straight), but the reality is, that with the PHG you can fine tune the position to perfectly match your build, paddling style and characteristics of the paddle you already have, while also getting far more ‘crank’ than is currently possible without compromising the shaft strength.

This is just like having a great pair of running shoes or a bike frame made/set up specifically for you, all of which help to put your body in the best position for Skeletal/Muscle alignments ensuring minimal loadings of Joints, Tendons, Ligaments and Muscles, making them all work more smoothly for longer – the ProHandle Grip when set up for your build and equipment, used sensibly, will give most people these same benefits without the huge cost of custom/tailor made items!

The extra degree of crank for the lower hand, along with the adjustability of the handle distance to the T handle on the shaft enables ‘custom made’ type of matching to your particular physiology. This in turn sets in motion a whole series of advantages, with increased reach for the ‘catch’, better lateral control of the blade for better acceleration, significantly improved alignment of the wrist/elbow/shoulder joints and much more efficient use of the muscle groups associated with these critical joints.

The paddler quickly finds that they are able to still achieve good reach while standing more squarely, thus reducing the tendency to twist from the lower spine, which also encourages a lower top hand movement, with much more even use of the abdominal ‘core muscles’ and the lower back as well as triceps and biceps – Keeping a lower top hand position significantly reduces the risk of rotator cuff and other very debilitating shoulder injuries!

The use of the PHG will not eliminate all potential R.S.I. problems, or turn you into a super man or woman overnight, but when combined with other sensible approaches to sustained exercise like stretching and warming up, avoiding a very high shoulder movement and twisted body to get maximum reach and paddle drive (this is the thing that is doing a lot of the damage with the top racers I believe), then even a modestly fit person, maybe already carrying injuries and a degree of arthritis can paddle very successfully, and gain considerable Cardio/Balance/personal well being benefits from SUP!

The key thing I believe, is to achieve fitness without significant further aggravation of existing injuries, or new inflammation of soft tissues and the degradation of joints, which will lead to a whole new batch of problems brought about by something which should have been a great way to either get fit, or stay fit, and enjoy being on the water.

Happy Paddling – Jon Popkiss