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  • MOAI-10’6-x-32-ALLROUND-PACKAGE—Pink
  • MOAI-10’6-Fins
  • MOAI-10’6-Pink
  • Moai-Leash


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Temporarily out of stock, please call - 023 9246 7755

Complete SUP package

At MOAI, we want to make sure you have the best possible experience! All our boards are provided as a full package with all necessary accessories to hit the water out of the box.

Each MOAI board includes:

  • Adjustable paddle – Each package will be provided with a high-quality and adjustable fiberglass MOAI paddle.
  • Double action pump – Also included is a double action pump, which will cut the time to inflate your board by half. This gives you more time on the water!
  • Trolley backpack – We understand that convenience and portability are important aspects wherever you go for a paddle. That’s why our boards are inflatable. Our package is completed with a backpack which makes it easy to safely store and travel with your board.
  • Safety leash – Each board comes with a 10′ safety leash (coiled cord).
  • Repair kit – The package also contains a kit for small repairs to the board.