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  • 2020 Red Paddle Co Ride SE 10'6 Alloy Package
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2020 Red Paddle Co Ride SE 10’6″ x 32″ Inflatable SUP Package

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BAG SIZE 960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)
BAG VOLUME 150 litres
BOARD WEIGHT 9.95kg / 21.89lb
BOARD WIDTH 32″ / 813mm
DIMENSIONS 126 × 32 × 4.7 in
FINS Moulded iFin System
RIDER WEIGHT Up to 100 kg / 220 lb
WEIGHT 9.9 kg



The Alloy Nylon paddle is our entry-level paddle, but no less technical for it. The mid section of the paddle shaft is coated in soft-grip EVA adding comfort and grip without adding weight, and it has an ergonomic t-grip handle design which fits snuggly into the palm of your hand.

The medium sized nylon blade has been streamlined for low-impact paddling, with the right amount of flex to reduce paddler fatigue. The adjustable top section allows the paddle to be shared by multiple paddlers through an easy and robust push pin system, meaning the paddle can fit a range of paddler heights so you can share the SUP love with friends and family.

The Alloy Nylon paddle is a great starting point for those getting onto the water for the first time and comes at a great price point. For those looking for a slightly lighter paddler offering more performance then our Carbon paddles are fantastic paddles depending on budget.

Carbon 50 Nylon

Who’s it for? Those looking for a lightweight paddle with extreme durability.

If you’re looking for similar performance to the Carbon 50 paddle but greater durability, this is the paddle for you. It has the same lightweight shaft but with the added durability of a nylon blade making it perfect for sharing amongst friends and family.

The natural flex of the shaft offers a gentler energy transfer enabling you to reach a greater stroke cadence.

The nylon blade remains rigid thanks to the structural reinforcements. The rigidity of the blade combined with the flexibility of the hybrid shaft and overall lightweight feel makes the Carbon 50 Nylon an excellent alternative to heavier alloy paddles.

Midi Carbon 50 Nylon

Who’s it for?Those looking for a lightweight paddle with extreme durability.

The Midi Carbon 50 is new to the Red Paddle Co range and fills the gap between the Kiddy and full-size paddles. Adjusting from 160cm – 200cm it allows shorter riders to have a paddle specifically designed for them.

The medium sized blade reduces impact on the body, so you can paddle further, for longer and the EVA foam coated shaft provides soft comfort and grip without adding weight, whilst the ergonomic t-grip handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The paddle comes as a vario option with a pushpin adjustment system meaning the paddle can grow with the user or be used across the whole family.

VARIO If you are going to be sharing your paddle but don’t want to travel then consider getting the vario paddle. Slightly lighter than the 3-piece version, these two-piece paddles can quickly be adjusted for different rider heights, using the anti-twist cam lock system.

Carbon 50

Who’s it for? Paddlers looking for a lighter, better blade at a more affordable price.

The curve of this paddle’s carbon hybrid blade is performance-enhancing, and the shaft has a dynamic flex that will put extra spring and energy into your stroke.

Like our Carbon 100 paddle, the blade shape follows a teardrop design with a single dihedral that allows water to flow evenly off each side, whilst the double concave adds stability creating a smooth stroke and reducing blade flutter in the water. The structural foam core reduces weight whilst adding rigidity to the paddle.

Carbon 100

Who’s it for? Those looking for a high level of performance.

This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.

The blade shape is a teardrop design with a single dihedral blade face. This allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, whilst the double concave offers the user to really put the power down.

The structural foam core and ABS rail increases durability whilst reducing weight, so you can paddle further, for longer.