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Shinn Sneakers SRS-1 Kiteboarding Pads and Straps

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In a quest to discover the ultimate connection, Shinn turned to both the winter and two wheeled sports for inspiration. Tested and approved through many seasons, the ratchet system had been time and again proven to provide reliable, trouble free and micro adjustable service. Easy one click adjustment ensure even the most demanding rider can find the perfect set up for their feet.

Subject to 18 months of intensive research, development and testing (and we do A LOT of kiteboarding in 18 months) the Sneaker SRS represents a quantum leap forwards in both comfort and performance.“Set and forget” or easily adjustable even whilst on the fly, no webbing or Velcro system can even come close to the precision and ease of this development and when combined with our 3D, form fitting foam, memory foam equipped, super plush pads – well, we don’t think there is a lighter, stronger, better fitting or more comfortable system on the market today.