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  • Airush 2019 Lithium Progression 10m Kite + Bar and Lines Package
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  • Airush Progression Bar Line Tidy Elastic

Airush 2019 Lithium Progression 10m Kite + Bar and Lines Package LAST ONE!

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V2.1 Bridle System

The V2.1 bridle system on the Lithium Progression provides support to the slightly larger leading edge to increase stability, support, and wind range of the delta hybrid design. The V2.1 bridle also keeps steering tension at all times, ideal for entry and intermediate users who require full control while riding completely depowered.

Airush Pulleys

Made of tough Zytel material for high strength and resistance to abrasion and impact, the Airush pulley has the pigtails hole directionally correct to eliminate bridle wear. With a breaking strength of 550 kg, the Airush pulley was designed specifically for use on all Airush kites.

Safety Handles

On all Airush kites, the emergency safety handles are provided on each wingtip. This maximises the control and security when performing self-rescues.

Airush Bumpers

Airush bumpers are found throughout the leading edge of the kites to reduce wear and increase durability on rough surfaces. These bumpers are key for increasing the lifespan of Airush kites.

Kevlar Reinforcement

Kevlar, found in bullet proof vests, is found throughout the Airush kites. These Kevlar reinforcements are only put in the most critical areas to protect from wearing whilst still minimising weight, which affects kite performance.

Rear Line Adjustment

The rear line adjustment featured on all Airush kites allows for quick changes in the kites bar pressure and response. With adjustment towards “high” the kite will have increase bar pressure and decrease turning speed. Moving back towards the rear of the wingtip will decrease bar pressure and increase turning speed.