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6.0m Ensis V2 Watersports Wing – Orange/ Grey

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Test Report:

Hard facts, quality & processing
But as always, we start from scratch! The Ensis Wing is currently available in sizes of 4.5sqm at a price of € 849 and 6sqm at a price of € 949. From August the sizes 2.5, 3.5 and 5.2 square meters will be added. In addition to the wing and the really high-quality bag, the scope of delivery also includes a leash. The Teijin 3×3 Ripstop is used as a flight cloth, one of the most durable and stable cloths on the market. Nice to see, the transition between the flight sheet and the windows has been reinforced to ensure that force is applied as evenly as possible. Cracks are much less common. In general, the processing is really at the highest level. The tear-off edge was reinforced again with a Dyneema tape and the front tube is equipped with patches in all segment divisions to ensure maximum durability even when in contact with the ground.
On the water
Foil out of the car, inflate the wing quickly (via the large SUP valve) and off to the water. The wing has an unbelievable low end. Pumping feels extremely organic during movement and delivers more than enough pressure super early. The wind range on the manufacturer’s website really doesn’t promise too much here! So you can ride a small board very early, which of course is more than conducive to all the fun. In the high-altitude run, the Ensis Wing even beats our previous favorite, the Echo from Duotone. The area in which the current is present is super easy to find and, above all, not too small. So gusty inland spots or hack are no problem. The beautifully soft and large handles also enable the Ensis Wing to drive and hold relaxed when overpowered. The cap of the wing is nice and stiff but still soft enough to cushion gusts and generate pressure when pumping. Flutter does nothing. In addition to the Slingwing V2, the Ensis Wing is also one of the lightest and most stable wings on the market. When blowing out in the wave, however, just like lying on the water, it is a little more restless. Not as bad as the Echo, but not as good as the Slingwing V2 or Naish S25.
With every new wing, the development goes a bit further. It’s just fun to be there while a whole new sport is emerging. The Ensis Wing delivers a complete package that has hardly been available to date. Excellent workmanship paired with power, good-naturedness and huge wind range. And whether you’re a beginner or a professional, everyone gets their money’s worth here.