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Ensis Watersports SPIN Wing – Blue

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The SPIN feels like a playful butterfly in my hands – light and hovering. At the same time, the wing is full of power, ultra stable and direct. The SPIN with its compact design is perfect for me to do the wildest tricks.» Balz Müller

Size wind range (rider 80kg, foil 1700cm2)
1.8 m2 30+ kn
2.2 m2 25-50 kn
2.6 m2 20-45 kn
3.1 m2 15-43 kn
3.6 m2 13-40 kn
4.1 m2 12-35 kn
4.6 m2 10-30 kn
5.1 m2 8-25 kn
6.1 m2 7-20 kn

Key Features ENSIS SPIN

For ambitious discoverers to experts
This high performance, ultimate responsive, compact wing is for all ambititous wing surfers aiming to spend their water time freestyling and wave riding.

Ideal for smaller riders
Smaller riders greatly appreciate the compact shape of the SPIN. The relatively short wingspan helps to avoid touching the water with the wing tips.

Easy rotations, unlimited tricks
The compact wing concept in combination with ultimate responsiveness and high stability is the perfect base for any rotation, for tricks without limits.

Quick moves in waves
The short wing span will allow you to really lean forward in your bottom turn while its minimal swing weight lets you quickly move the wing during your top turn. The direct response lets you adapt to the wave instantly.

Neutral and light in waves
When having the wing behind your back the SPIN is amazing with its neutral and light feeling, allowing you to have all your focus on waveriding.

Ultra direct response
The strut is directly connected to the canopy, resulting in an incredibly direct response. Combined with the known high rigidity of all ENSIS wing this means less wasted energy and more power for your moves.

Light in low winds, stable in strong winds
With your active pumping technique you will enjoy the SPIN in low winds. While starting, the wing feels very light in your hands. Once flying, the SPIN develops an immediate power. The high stability gives you all the control you need in strong winds.

Clear view in full speed
When you need it most, you have it: while going fast forward the optimum placed windows give you a clear view.

Perfectly placed handles
The wide handles are exactly where they need to be. You intuitively hold the ENSIS wing correctly.