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AHD Topaz 127L Board & Starboard Freeride Plus Hydrofoil Package

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Don’t hesitate between a foil board or traditional freerace windsurf board! The AHD TOPAZ excels in both disciplines! It comes with a reinforced Hydro Foil ready deep Tuttle Box. The board takes over from the success of the AHD Fury but has been remastered with a shorter nose, fin cut outs and a fair bit wider, which means…earlier take off, more stable flight and a faster board all round. Oh and these are very light boards. 🙂

AHD’s manufacturing process is unique. All layers of fabric, reinforcements and cases are applied and baked in a closed mold (deck / hull). This technique guarantees a perfect reproduction of the prototype validated during the tests and an optimal weight / flexcontrol / solidity ratio. The epoxy resins used for the construction of our windsurf boards are bio-sourced from SR GreenPoxy. The compact AHD uses a PVC / Carbon sandwich construction.


Topaz 127 Topaz 147
Volume 127 L 147 L
Length 230 cm 230 cm
Width 82 cm 89 cm
OFO 58,8 cm 63,6 cm
Box DeepTuttle Box
DeepTuttle Box
Aileron Non fourni – Recommandé : 45 cm Non fourni – Recommandé : 49 cm
Poids 7,9 kg 8,8 kg




For those looking for the easiest transition from fin-windsurfing to foil-windsurfing.

A shorter mast provides a lower, safer flight. Large thick wings give stability and low speed lift. It’s surprisingly fast, reaching speeds up to 29 knots.

Choose this foil if you want a user-friendly foil, a foil that works with wide tail boards or narrower tail boards and a foil that has a trim similar to classic windsurfing.


Front Wing: Freeride 1100

Tail Wing: Freeride 500

Fuselage: 95 Plus

Mast: Aluminium 85cm

Front Wing: Saddle system

Tail Wing: Saddle system

Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect

Mast: Deep Tuttle