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AHD Thunderbolt 165L Windfoil Board & AFS-2 W85 Fa700 Carbon Hydrofoil Package

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Dedicated to windfoiling, AHD is proud to welcome the Thunderbolts into its family!

Eager to give the best answer to a practice evolving constantly, we took the time necessary to develop a shape whose parameters are fully answering essential requirements of demanding riders.


  • One Shot Sandwich
  • Double carbon sandwich


Model Thunderbolt 75 Thunderbolt 85 Thunderbolt 91
Volume 130 L 145 L 165 L
Length 235 cm 226 cm 224 cm
Width 75 cm 85 cm 91 cm
Weight 8,5 kgs 8,7 kgs 8,9 kgs
Fin Deep Tuttle (not provided) Deep Tuttle (not provided) Deep Tuttle (not provided)
Footstrap MFC (or equivalent) MFC (or equivalent) MFC (or equivalent)



AFS-2 W85 Windsurfing Hydrofoil Monolithic – Full Carbon Foil with Hollow Mast and F-a700 OR swap to the F800 wing for light winds or heavier riders.

This foil has a permanently bonded mast and fuselage for zero flex.

An accessible windfoil, versatile and scalable.

Evolutive freeride

The Wind 85 has one goal: to make windsurfing foil accessible to the greatest number. We have taken over the elements that made the AFS-2 successful, improving them with the major changes made to our new Wind 95 and 105 models.

The profiles of the mast and the front wings are the same as on the Wind 95, The shaft measures 85cm, ideal height to begin without undergoing the touches with the chop. The wings are accessible and fast. This foil is evolutionary and can be upgraded with all the wings of the AFS range.

We also worked on a new construction to propose an accessible price, still in full composite, without aluminum inside. Your foil will be strong, durable, and will flight for a long time.

This foil is evolutif and can be upgraded with all AFS’ wings.

Supplied as a complete Hydrofoil with a Fused Mast + Fuselage and a pair of foils (wings).
Provided with: -F-a700 access front wing -Stabilizer V1 -Box screws Torx M6 60mm -Screwdriver Stanley Torx T30 –