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2019 Starboard Foil Flax Balsa 111L Board & 2021 Starboard Freeride Plus Hydrofoil Package

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Used with a 5.6 square meter sail or smaller, the Foil 111 is the windsurfing board for avid foilers in heavy winds. Its super lightweight as well as reactive as much of its volume is distributed in its width at 70.5 cm. Easy to maneuver and extremely fast, this board is doesn’t put any limitations on the fun. Board construction is Flax Balsa making it stiff, lightweight and reinforced at the most stressed areas.


Board Technologies Volume Length Width Tail Width Thickness Footstraps Rows Finbox Sail Range Weight
Foil 111 Flax Balsa 111 Litres 215.5 cm 70.5 cm 57.8 cm 10.5 cm 2 Foil Box 4.5 – 7.5 m2 7.73 kg


For those looking for the easiest transition from fin-windsurfing to foil-windsurfing.

A shorter mast provides a lower, safer flight. Large thick wings give stability and low speed lift. It’s surprisingly fast, reaching speeds up to 29 knots.

Choose this foil if you want a user-friendly foil, a foil that works with wide tail boards or narrower tail boards and a foil that has a trim similar to classic windsurfing.


Front Wing: Freeride 1100

Tail Wing: Freeride 500

Fuselage: 95 Plus

Mast: Aluminium 85cm

Front Wing: Saddle system

Tail Wing: Saddle system

Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect

Mast: Deep Tuttle