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2024 Starboard Olympic Class Aluminium IQFoil

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On backorder, please call to reserve - 023 9258 2614


The iQFoil Aluminium is supplied with the Aluminium V5 95cm mast. It is built from an extrusion of 6061 aluminium, a grade of aluminium that we selected for its strength, weight and superior corrosion resistance. The V5 is extra-strong and extra stiff, making it suitable for windsurf foiling.

Fuselages: 115 Plus and 95 Plus

Front Wing: 900

Tail Wing: 255 -2°

eaching. The Plus fuselages have an adjustable tail wing angle that allows the rider to increase control in high winds or increase power in light winds.

Components: 900 front wing | 255 tail wing with -2 degree | 115 Plus fuselage | 95 Plus fuselage | 95cm iQFoil mast