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2021 Starboard Foil X Starlite 125ltr

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Dimensions: 190x67cm, 125 liters

Our intermediate board of the range. It combines an easy ride with more technical possibilities, offering the perfect match for a rider who wants to increase their foiling skills.The 67cm width keeps it stable before take off. The long flat bottom, deep rail cutaways and ultra compact outline then makes it quick to pop out of the water and take off. The reduced volume and thinner profile brings a new sensation of freedom when flying in the air. The middle back footstrap enables jumps and your first 360s. Freestyle is now accessible to intermediate level foilers. A masterclass.


The new middle back footstrap on the 105 and 125 makes these boards more freestyle-friendly and easier for first-time foilers. By keeping the back foot over the center line and your front foot closer to the rail, it’s easier to stay in control and to keep the board from rolling side to side.