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Second Hand

This list was last updated 13th January, 2019
G = Gosport  H = Hayling Island
GC = Good Condition  VGC = Very Good Condition

Windsurfing Boards
145ltr RRD Evolution S  + Flying objects Board bag £749 H
150ltr RRD Airwindsurf Inflatable Windsurf board £699  G
114ltr RRD X Fire V4 2012 £450 G
122ltr RRD X Fire V6 2014 £500 G
105ltr Severne Fox £1349 G
96ltr Tabou DaCurve 2016 with bag £649 H
90ltr Starboard Carve with bag £150 H
92ltr RRD Firewave LTD £499 G

Windsurfing Sails
9.5m Neil Pryde RS Racing £250 H
8.6m Neil Pryde RS Racing £125 H
5.7m Severne  Blade   £179 G
5.7m North Instinct £69 H
5.0m North Ice £75 H
4.7m Naish Force 4  2016 VVGC £380 H
4.7m Goya Banzai £175 H
4.2m Goya Banzai £165 H
4.1m Goya Wave Series £125 H

Windsurfing Sails that are new but crazy cheap!
5.0m 2012 Naish Force Red NEW! £349 H
4.7m 2012 Naish Force Red NEW! £349 G
4.7m 2012 Naish Force Blue NEW! £349 H
4.7m 2009 Naish Force Yellow NEW! £279 H
Naish Chopper L NEW! £369 H
4.7m 2011 Simmer Icon 4.7m NEW! £249 H
4.5m 2013 Ezzy Panther Elite Blue NEW! £349 H
4.5m 2012 Naish Session Red NEW! £349 G
4.2m 2011 Simmer Iron NEW! £249 H
4.2m 2011 Simmer Icon NEW! £249 H

Windsurfing Masts
Unifiber c80 520cm Mast £150 H
Tushingham 45% SDM 400cm Mast £99 H

Windsurfing Booms
Neil Pryde X9 Carbon Boom 225-275cm £249 H

Windsurfing Accessories
Chinook Mast extension 48cm US Twin pin £29.99 H
Chinook Mast Extension SDM 28cm £45 H

Kitesurfing Kites
None at the moment

Kitesurfing Boards
None at the moment

Sit In Kayaks

Sit On Kayaks
Islander Paradise II (Double kayak) with paddles and seats £449 H
Islander Paradise II (Double kayak) with paddles and seats £399 G
Wilderness Tarpon 100 Single sit on top kayak with paddle £475 SOLD OUT


Nah Skwell Soft Kool 10′ x 31.75” With Nah Skwell Board Bag! £599 G
Starboard Pocket Touring 10’6 x 29.5” £499!G
10’8″ x 34 Red Paddle Co. Ride £649 SOLD
11’x 30” Nah Skwell Fit with bag £899 H

Paddleboard Board Bags

None at the moment

Paddleboard Paddles
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